At Nordlandet we love Bornholm, wine & food

nordlandsmenu (4 courses, chef's choice) // 550

nordlandsaften (nordlandsmenu + wine pairing) // 950



green asparagus, tomato relish, dried veal heart, pea juice // 140

shrimp, new potatoes, tomato, basil, capers // 135

salted halibut, cream cheese, grilled cucumber, vinaigrette // 140

baerii caviar 30 gr. from ROGN, blinis, cremefraiche (serves 2 pers.) // 395



dry aged ribeye, romanesco, hazelnut, browned butter // 395

fried monkfish carrots, gherkins, spinach, tarragon, beurre monté // 285

Hopballe chicken, new onions, pointed cabbage, cress cream, jus // 265



rhubarb, yoghurt, white chocolate, almonds, lemon balm // 115

Danish strawberries, double cream, lemon, short bread, red currant // 125

danish cheeses, Arnes figs, nut rye bread // 130


beef tartare, potato crumble, ramson mayo, pickled gherkins // 140

cured salmon, cucumber, daikon, dill, buttermilk // 140

scallops, baked tomatoes, green strawberries, eggplant "caviar" // 140

baerii caviar 30 gr from ROGN, blinis, creme fraiche (serves 2 pers.) // 395


main  courses

steamed cod, white asparagus, croutons, aromatic butter sauce // 225

Hopballe Mølle chicken, baked shallots, cabbage, blanquette // 225



rhubarb, yoghurt, white chocolate, almonds, lemon balm // 115

danish cheese, Arne's pickled figs, nut rye bread // 105

folkemøde menu // 700

wine pairing (3 glasses of matching wine + coffee, tea and sweets) // 450


salted halibut, green asparagus, spinach puré, mussel jus, green strawberries

grilled white asparagus, nasturtiums, asparagus sauce, crumble

veal tenderloin, onions, ramson emulsion, fermented white cabbage, havgus cheese, jus

strawberries, white yoghurt chocolate creme, hiprose, almonds, rhubarb grantité

2 courses (starter/main or main/dessert) // 350

3 courses (starter, main, dessert) // 450



beef tartare, parsley emulsion, radish, croutons

salted salmon, tarragon mayo, crispy salad, chervil


main courses

steamed cod, Bornholm potatoes, kale, lovage, beurre monte

Hopballe Mølle chicken, fresh carrots, baked onions, browned butter, blanquette


sweets and cheeses

Bornholm rhubarb, elderflower icecream, jelly, short bread

Danish cheeses, pickled walnuts, fried nut rye bread

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