At Nordlandet we love Bornholm, wine & food

choose 3 courses - 450

ponykick  4 courses, we choose - 550

nordlands eve ponykick, 3 wines, water, coffee and petit four - 950



chevice of hake, horse radish mayo, fennel, radish

grilled mackerel, zucchini, red currants, lemon, buttermilk

potatoes from bornholm, ramson emulsion, dryed Hallegaard ham

baked celeriac, oysters, yoghurt, baby lettuce, buckwheat



fried wolffish, cauliflower, broccoli, elderflower, mussels sauce

Rokkedahl chicken, haricots, favas, creamy chicken jus

fried veal sweetbreads, peas, pointed cabbage, fermented pea juice



three danish cheeses, pickled walnuts, rye bread

gooseberry, caramel, pineapple lemon verbena cream, lemon herbs

blueberries from Bornholm, cocoa sorbet, pickled spruce

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