At Nordlandet we love Bornholm, wine & food

nordlands eve  4 courses we choose, 3 glasses of wine, water, coffee and petit four - 950nordlandsmenu  4 courses - 550 StartersLumpfish roepotatoe, ramson135Halibut, radishbuttermilk, dill120Tatar, green tomatoes from Manneoyster emulsion, crisp bread120Green asparagus from Rutskersmoked beef-heart, quail egg175 MainsBaked cod, jerusalem artichokeapple, parsley-mussel sauce265Pork, green asparaguscarrots, blanquette sauce275Rib-eye, leekceleriac, onions, sauce bordelaise295 Cheese & dessert3 pieces of cheesewalnuts, rye bread115Lemonvanilla, sorrel granité115Rhubarb, almondscreme anglaise115Woodruffwhite chocolate, yoghurt115  And here is our wine-list

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