At Nordlandet we love Bornholm, wine & food

nordlandsmenu (4 courses, chef's choice) // 650

nordlandsaften (nordlandsmenu + wine pairing) // 1050



squid, pumpkin, salted lemon, verbena, browned butter // 175

veal brisket terrine, juniper mayo, beech mushroom, crispy onions // 140

cured pikeperch, beans, "bakskuld" cream, pickled cucumber, dill // 140

baerii caviar 30 gr. from ROGN, blinis, cremefraiche (serves 2 pers.) // 450



chicken confit aubergine, onion, green kale, ginger, jus  // 285

fried halibut, fennel, corn, tarragon, cream sauce nage // 290

onglet, salt baked celeriac, swiss chard, gherkins, veal jus // 285



plums, cardamom ice cream, ginger crumble, mint // 125

Arne's figs, lemon curd, chocolate sorbet, hazelnut tuille // 125

danish cheeses, candied walnuts, nut ryebread // 135


Our menu may be subject to daily changes


beef tartare, mushroom emulsion, croutons, oyster hat // 140

cured salmon, horseradish cream, cress, crispy wheat // 140

shrimps, baked tomatoes, green strawberries, eggplant "caviar"  // 140

baerii caviar 30 gr from ROGN, blinis, creme fraiche (serves 2 pers.) // 450


main  courses

steamed cod, potatoes kompot, parsley, pickled and grilled onions // 225

Bertel's pork belly, broccolini, kale, soy, browned butter // 225



plums, cardamom ice cream, ginger crumble, mint // 115

danish cheese, candied walnuts, nut rye bread // 105


Our menu may be subject to daily changes

Dear All,

This year we can once again welcome you to our New Year's event at nordlandet 2021.

We’re kicking off with bubbles and snacks, expanded 5-course menu and wine menu.

Wreath cake, sweets and bubbles for the Queen's New Year's speech, fireworks on the terrace and drinks in underbar for those who want the party to continue.

The evening costs 1995, - pr. couvert.

Accommodation at the hotel can be selected separately.

For more information you can call or write to us at:

+45 56 48 03 44 or at

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