At Nordlandet we love Bornholm, wine & food

nordlandsmenu, 4 courses chosen by the kitchen //  550

nordlandsaften – Nordlandsmenu, 3 paired wines, water, coffee/tea & sweets //  950



salted langoustine, late harvest tomatoes, verbena // 145

pikeperch, apples, radishes, gooseberries, cream // 125

fried broccoli, oyster cream, kohlrabi, sorrel // 125


Main  Courses

steamed monkfish, fennel, buttermilk, corn, sunflower seeds // 285

braised veal brisket, cauliflower, artichokes, wood sorrel // 275

aged ribeye, potato compote, parsley, fried onions // 395



local figs, rum, white chocolate, frozen yogurt // 110

pears, caramel, parfait, ginger, hazelnuts // 110

danish cheeses, walnuts, butter roasted rye bread // 120

Cold dishes


salted salmon, creme fraiche, hazelnuts, radishes, burnt lemon - 115

beef tartare, sorrel mayo, crispy rice - 120


Hot dishes

steamed cod, romanesco, chives, creamy 'havgus', salted lemon - 185

slow-roasted beef chuck, pok choi, almonds, browned butter - 185


Sweets & cheeses

danish pears, parfait, nut crunch, lemon thyme - 95

cheeses, walnuts, buttered rye bread - 105

new years eve in nordlandet

Reservations for new year’s eve are open.
We offer a memorable evening that opens up with snacks, the new year’s speech, a special menu for the evening, bubbles, wreath cake, and colorful fireworks at midnight.

The whole package is only 1950,- DKK pr. person.

After midnight the festivities continue in Underbar.

The previous years got booked quickly, so we recommended to book soon to secure an open spot.

To attend and general questions, send us an e-mail at

We hope to see you,
The people from nordlandet

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